How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship

    Opportunity, they say, comes but once. If you’ve always wanted to study in the UK, here’s your chance. You can apply for the fully funded

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    Global Scholarships

    Lund University Global Scholarship Program

      Sweden is home to a number of the world’s best universities once you speak of both class and results, and one amongst those is Lund University.

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      Online Scholarships

      Edinburgh Global Distance Online Learning Scholarships

        Online learning is one of the easiest ways to earn a degree, why? Because you get to go to school from the comfort of your home, office or wherever

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        Can I get foreign scholarship with a third class degree from Nigeria

        Can I Get a Foreign Scholarship with a Third Class Degree?

          Let’s face it; even with a first-class degree, securing a good scholarship is a challenging process that requires a lot of diligence and

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          How to Secure Scholarships for Masters in Canada

          How to Secure Scholarships for Masters Program in Canada

            Canada is one of the most desired study destinations, with an influx of over 642,000 international students every year. It does come as a surprise as

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            German Postgraduate Scholarships

            DAAD German Postgraduate Scholarships for Development-Related Courses

              If you’re done with your first degree and you have decided you want to keep moving higher up the educational ladder, then this article is for you.

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              Canadian Schools with fully funded scholarships

              List of Schools with Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

                Are you considering studying in Canada and having second thoughts about it because you can’t afford the cost of a Canadian education? The good

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                How to write scholarship essays

                Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays — 8 Valuable Tips

                  Scholarship applications would be a walk in the park if we didn’t need to write essays. Scholarship essays will force you to reflect on your

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                  International Ambassador Scholarships

                  International Ambassador Scholarships at University of West London

                    Looking for a University with class and results, then the University of West London, England is the place for you. The university offers an annual

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                    International Scholarship

                    How to Apply for UEA International Development Scholarship

                      So many people would love to study in the UK but, usually, the cost of tuition and living has been a major stumbling block to actualizing this dream.

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