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Effiko GPA Manager app

About us

We have overhauled the Effiko website to provide free and paid tools and resources for undergraduates, graduates, and anyone looking to advance his career, to be able to do so. 

Undergraduates can calculate and track their GPA easily and also know the minimum GPA they need to be able to hit a target GPA based on their current GPA. Very simple and free tools that make your academic journey more focused and purposeful. 
With the Effiko app, you can save your GPA semester by semester and even view a performance graph based on your semester by semester grades. 
More so, you can now schedule one on one calls with Nigerian professionals doing great stuff across the world – nurses, doctors, teachers, accountants, engineers, etc. You would want to pick their brains on how they landed top jobs in Nigeria and abroad. We are adding to this pool; we handpick every professional on the Effiko website. 
We are solving the mentoring problem. Young Nigerians need mentors and Effiko is now connecting you with ordinary people like you who have moved forward in life so you can learn from them. 
For those who want to migrate, this will be one great way to personally interact with people who have done what you wish or planning to do.
We believe that before migrating, you must have a clear plan on how to earn money when you get to a new country. These persons will tell you what they did and you can learn from them. 
We also provide you with interviews with these Nigerian professionals where we ask them pointed questions to give you general guidance on how to move forward in your career. 
Most of our professionals are under 50, so they are not far removed in age from the young Nigerian undergraduate or graduate. 

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