Common mistakes to avoid in IELTS

Common Mistakes Test-takers Make on the IELTS Test and How to Avoid Them

    Are you considering writing the IELTS test soon? Or have you taken one before and you’re wondering why your score didn’t match your expectation?

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    How to choose the right BS/MED programme

    Picking the Right Programme for You: BS/MED or Premed

      Okay, so we have given you a brief introduction into the BS/MED programme. We’ve even gone ahead to give you a rundown of the things which can

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      How to pass BS/MED Programme interview

      Nailing Your BS/MED Programme Interview

        We’ve talked about interviews on this platform for a bit; discussing the different strategies you need to ace them. We’ve talked about the

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        IELTS Exam

        IELTS Exam vs. TOEFL: Which Should You Take?

          Schooling abroad often requires that the prospective student has attained a certain level of proficiency in the English Language. The purpose is to

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          TOEFL Test

          Tips and Strategies on How to Ace the TOEFL Test

            The TOEFL test is a standardized test that tests the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. It is often used as an integral

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            How to choose a Grad School

            How to Choose a Grad School

              Not everyone thinks going to grad school or having a graduate degree is a must-have. This is common especially if they are just fine with an

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              Tips to pass GRE Test

              Last-Minute GRE Test Tips: What You Should Know Before the Test Day

                You’ve spent the last few weeks into months preparing for the all-important GRE and the test is only a few days away. Your stress levels may be at

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                How to choose a college in the United States

                Choosing a College in the United States: Where Do I Start?

                  It’s now time for you to decide what school you’d like to go to. And, of course, choosing a college in the United States is not as easy as it

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                  How to ace your college interview

                  Acing Your College Interview: Tips for the Introvert

                    At the sound of the word “interview”, there is always a mixed reaction from all who hear. There’s one party that thinks “Yes! Finally, a

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                    How to dress up for college interview

                    Dressing Up for Your Interview

                      Dressing up is what we do all the time and for different reasons too. Whether it’s for sports, a party, a play, the prom, a dinner, an evening out

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