What to ask your Interviewer during college interview

What to Ask and What Not to Ask Your Interviewer During Your College Interview

    So it’s the end of the interview, you can heave a sigh of relief as the grill is over. With all the tips you’ve garnered from all our college

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    What's the best time to apply to college?

    The Ideal College Application Timeline

      With so many deadlines to beat, preparing your college application can become a scary herculean task.You may get confused and wonder,

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      Graduate School

      Applying to Graduate School in the US as an International Student

        A lot of times, people desire to pursue their undergraduate programmes in foreign schools. Howwever, due to financial constraints, amongst other

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        Law Degree

        The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Law Degree in the USA

          One of the most highly sought-after degrees, arguably in the world, is definitely the Law degree. There are different people in different places

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          College Interview

          After Your College Interview, Then What?

            Submit application? Check. Read up all Effiko Posts on College Interviews? Check. Preparing for interview? In progress. But now, the big question

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            How to ace the GMAT exam

            10 Strategies on How to Ace the GMAT Exam

              The GMAT Exam is a standardized test listed and used by most business schools as an integral part of the admission process for prospective students.

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              All you need to know about GMAT Math Section

              What You Should Know About the GMAT Math Section

                The GMAT exam is almost exclusive to graduate business schools. So it is safe to say that you are applying for an MBA program and passing this test

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                GMAT Test

                Last-Minute GMAT Test Tips: 6 Things You Should Know Before the Test Day

                  Taking the GMAT test is no mean feat at all. Only a very tiny percentage of test takers who spend less than a month studying for the test actually

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                  BS/MED Programme

                  An Introduction to BS/MED Programmes: Everything You Need to Know

                    The process of studying to become a medical doctor varies from country to country. That is why there’s a lot you need to know about the BS/MED

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                    How to apply for BS/MED Programme

                    Becoming a Standout BS/MED Programme Applicant

                      When it comes to undergraduate admissions in the United States, it’s a well-known fact that the toughest of all schools to get into are those in

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