BS/MED Programmes

The Complete List of BS/MED Programmes in the United States

    So, we have been talking a lot about combined medical programmes (BS/MED programmes). The reason is that this is the new and the increasingly popular

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    Accommodation options for students in the United States

    Accommodation Options for the International College Student in the United States

      One of the scariest things about travelling abroad, or going to any new place at all, is the feeling of being lost and alone with nowhere to stay.

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      What SAT is all about

      A Complete Guide to Understanding the SAT (SAT for Dummies)

        Even with all the talk about the SAT over the years, don’t be surprised to find out that there are so many people who do not fully understand the

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        How does the SAT curve work?

        The SAT Curve and How It Works

          You may or may not be familiar with the concept of a SAT curve depending on the educational system your country. If you schooled in any of most

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          How college waitlist works

          Understanding How the College Waitlist Works

            Nobody likes to be on the waitlist, especially if you don’t understand how the college waitlist works. After doing all that’s necessary for

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            International student

            Working in Australia as an International Student

              It’s a fact that studying in Australian universities comes with receiving some form of wages. Although these wages are high, especially when placed

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              How to study in the USA on a limited budget

              Studying in the USA on a Limited Budget

                It adds up really fast, you know. All the expenses incurred living as a student in the USA, especially as an international student. From tuition to

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                Work Opportunities

                Work Opportunities for International Students in Canada

                  With the high cost of living, and sky-high tuition, it’s almost abnormal for any international student not to work while they study. Especially for

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                  Accommodation Options for International Students in Australia

                    If you’ve decided to study in Australia, then you’re probably already thinking of all the boxes that need to be checked to make your stay there

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                    Accommodation for students in Canada

                    Accommodation for the International Students in Canada

                      Deciding to study abroad is, no doubt, a life-changing decision and one that must not be taken arbitrarily. Making this decision means that you’ll

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