What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Admission into The University of Oxford?

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Admission into The University of Oxford?

Imagine getting the chance to study at the university the renowned Albert Einstein once attended! Wouldn’t it be great? The University of Oxford is the oldest institution in the United Kingdom and one of the best in the world. It is ranked as the fifth Best Global University by US News. No wonder it is a dream study destination among many international students. 

Before we delve into that, let’s give you a brief insight into this prestigious school.

The school has 39 colleges: St Anne, Somerville, St Catherine, Lincoln College, St Hilda, Christ Church, Lady Margaret Hall, etc. You must be wondering why they are mostly feminine names. That’s because they were initially established as women-only colleges but have since become co-ed, accommodating both genders. With all these laurels, one cannot help but wonder what minimum GPA is required to get admission into the University of Oxford. 

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The University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

Admission into the University of Oxford is very competitive. So, before applying to Oxford, you must consider their acceptance rate. The acceptance rate helps you determine your chances of admission. That’s what most prospective students do to figure out if applying to a school would be worthwhile. If the acceptance rate is low, they may have to reconsider. 

We’ve already established that the University of Oxford is highly selective. Their acceptance rate is approximately 13-18%, which gets even lower for international students. The acceptance rate for international students is only 9%. Do you think that would stop international students from applying? Of course not. In fact, they make up half of the student population. 

As a matter of fact, 45% of Oxford’s student population comprises individuals from over 160 countries, including people from underrepresented communities. Statistics show that 18% of Oxford students include people of African descent and other minority groups! It is a culturally diverse school and has earned its support from an independent higher education regulator in England, the Office for Students (OFS). 

This also shows the determination and resilience of international students like you. Despite the low acceptance rate, they were not discouraged. Instead, they pushed and claimed a space for themselves in Oxford. To make your dream of studying at Oxford a reality, you must also embrace that fighting spirit. If they can do it, so can you!

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Oxford Admission Requirements 

The next thing you must do to secure your slot at Oxford is to understand the admission process and eligibility requirements. It will help you know what you need to get started.

Remember, admissions into the University of Oxford are very competitive. And the rule is that you must meet the minimum entry requirements to guarantee an admission offer. So, you must be ready to bring your A-game. 

The requirements include the following:

▪︎ Official Transcripts showing you meet the minimum GPA requirement.

▪︎Standardised Test Score requirements: SAT/ ACT or GRE/GMAT 

▪︎English Language Proficiency Test Scores – IELTS/ TOEFL

▪︎Statement of Purpose

▪︎Letters of Recommendation 

▪︎Means of Identification 

The admission board will review your application based on the quality of the documents you provide and compare it with other applications for the course.

Minimum GPA Required 

The first criterion you must meet is the minimum GPA required to get admission into the University of Oxford. It is one of the first factors the admission board considers. Oxford is a competitive school; you would expect them to request a sky-high GPA. After all, most Oxford students and graduates are above-average scholars. But surprisingly, their minimum GPA requirement is actually okay.

The minimum GPA required to get admission into the University of Oxford is 3.5 out of 4. For US students, the minimum GPA required is 3. 7. It is equivalent to second-class honors, upper division. That’s fair, isn’t it? It’s lower than most Ivy League Schools like Harvard. However, it is much higher compared to other schools in the UK.

However, the minimum GPA required to get admission into the University of Oxford increases according to the course you want to study. The minimum GPA requirement is higher for competitive courses like Medicine, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biomedical Science, and Law.

To ascertain if you meet the GPA requirement, download our Effiko GPA Calculator. If you don’t meet the minimum GPA required to gain admission into Harvard, don’t give up yet. Admission processes into top-ranking schools are a bit tricky. Having a low GPA doesn’t mean you won’t get an offer. Likewise, a high GPA does not guarantee a spot in Oxford. Sometimes an element of luck places a role, especially if other aspects of your application are top-notch.

Of course, the University of Oxford lays high emphasis on your academic performance. However, like most schools, they also review applications holistically. Even if you meet the GPA requirement, you must submit an impressive statement of purpose highlighting your leadership qualities and participation in extracurricular activities like sports and community services.

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SAT or ACT Score Requirements For US Students

Remember, the University of Oxford values academic excellence. That includes your SAT or ACT results. After meeting the minimum GPA required to get admission into the University of Oxford, you must also meet the minimum SAT or ACT score requirement. You can submit any standardized test results, either SAT or ACT. The admission board does not prefer one over another. As long as you meet the minimum score requirement of each test, you are good to go. The minimum SAT score required is 1480, while the minimum ACT score required is 33. 

How to Apply to Oxford University

Despite being a highly competitive school, the University of Oxford’s admission process is pretty straightforward. To apply, simply:

1. Select the course you are interested in

2. Check if you meet the international students’ requirements.

3. Check out the college and make a choice.

4. Get your statement of purpose and recommendation letters ready.

5. Also, get your standardized test results.

6. Apply online following the application timeline

7. Attend your interviews if shortlisted  

8. Have a little faith and wait for your application results.

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Here are some things you must keep in mind when applying to application.

1. Personal Details

Be careful when filling in your details. Take your time. There is no need to rush. Ensure you fill in accurate information like your name arrangement, phone number, and email address. Your email address will be used to verify your account and send updates on your application. So, it must be accurate.

2. Choose Wisely

Think carefully before choosing your course of study. Ensure it aligns with your career path and goals. Remember, competitive courses require a higher GPA. If you can’t withstand the pressure, apply for a less competitive course. You must also meet the specific requirements for the course you are applying for.

Here’s a breakdown of the acceptance rate of some courses at the University of Oxford.

Course Number of Applicants
Computer Science18.6
Economic & Management 18. 1
Mathematics & Computer Science12.5
Biomedical Sciences 10.9
History & Politics9.4 

4. Organise Your Documents

Another thing you must do before beginning your application is to organize your documents. Keep photocopies and soft copies of your original documents handy, so you know exactly where to find them when needed. Don’t miss out on deadlines because you can’t find your documents. 

5. Prepare Adequately for Your Interview

Oxford is one of the few UK universities requiring an admission interview. During the interview, you will meet your potential academic tutors, who will engage you in a friendly intellectual interrogation. This will enable them to ascertain if you are a right fit for the school. 

While preparing for your interview, do thorough research about the school. Also, read and memorize what you wrote in your personal statement. Additionally, study possible college interview questions and do a mock interview to evaluate your level of preparedness.


Finally, applying to study at the University of Oxford is challenging. Like every lofty dream, it won’t come easy. So, you must be committed to doing the hard work required to make yourself stand out. As your trusted migration buddy, we’ve shared valuable tips to help you. 

Now, you know the minimum GPA required to get admission into the University of Oxford. You also know the minimum GPA and standardized test requirements. Use this information to your advantage. With the help of our Effiko GPA Calculator, you can start now to work towards improving your grades. It is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use software that helps you keep track of your academic performance from your first to final year. Who knows? If you study smart and work hard enough, you may be lucky to get that admission.  

Remember, if you need help with your college application, our career advisors are just a call away. Click here to schedule a call with them now. 

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