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University of the People Online Tuition Free Scholarship

Do you have plans of getting a University degree from the comfort of your home irrespective of what the explanation might be? Then this text is for you because the University of the People offers a completely funded online scholarship for folks that wish to pursue their Bachelor’s degree online. Just in case you’re wondering, the University of the People is not profit based institution. It is an American registered University with teachers from all over the world.

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Eligibility Requirements of the University of People Online Scholarship

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Applicants must meet the following requirements
1. All Applicants must possess English Language speaking skills, likewise writing skills.
2. Every Applicant must be high school (secondary school) graduates
3. Applicants must own a working computer coupled with sufficient internet access

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How to Apply for the University of People Online Scholarship

To find out information on how to apply for the scholarship visit the official scholarship website


  1. This is an annual scholarship but it is currently closed
  2. At the end of every course, an assessment fee of within $120 – $240 are going to be paid by the scholars
  3. A $60 one-time, non-refundable application fee is required from students.

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