The Advantages of Using a GPA Calculator

The Advantages of Using a GPA Calculator

What is your GPA?

If you are a college and university student, we bet you’ve heard this question a thousand times from family, friends, and even your lecturers. 

GPA is an important metric used to evaluate your academic performance throughout your stay in school. You may hate to hear it, but your GPA determines whether you will graduate with a good grade or not. To a large extent, it also determines your chances of getting a good job after school. That is why you must take your GPA seriously. In fact, we advise you to calculate and track your GPA from your first semester in school. 

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This is one exercise many students dislike because it can be confusing and time-consuming. It gets more complicated when you try doing it manually, especially if you’re not good with numbers.

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What if we tell you there is an easy way to calculate your GPA?

Yes! Instead of racking your brain to sum up your grades on paper, you can use a GPA calculator like the Effiko GPA calculator. Just input your data, and the app will do the rest. The GPA calculator has many benefits, which we will discuss here. 

The Advantages of Using a GPA Calculator

Here are some advantages of using a GPA calculator.

1. It is Easy to Use

The instructions on the Effiko GPA calculator are simple and straightforward. To navigate the app, you don’t need to be a mathematician or computer wizard. You don’t even need a manual to operate it. Any student can quickly figure out how to use it on their first attempt. 

2. It is Accurate 

You may make mistakes when calculating your GPA manually, as the numbers can be confusing. These mistakes can alter your entire result. And that is time wasted as you have to start all over again. On the other hand, using the Effiko GPA calculator gives accurate results and helps you avoid possible mistakes. 

3. It Saves Your Time and Effort

There are formulas for calculating your GPA manually, but they can be time-consuming. Moreover, if you’re not skilled at math, even simple formulas will mess with your brain, and you will get lost easily. 

The Effiko GPA calculator is fast and efficient. It is designed to process data quickly, so you don’t need to spend hours computing your result. Just punch in your details, and the calculator will do its job in split seconds. 

It also saves you the stress of repeatedly calculating on paper, and no more confusing and annoying formulas. So, you see! The GPA calculator can save you that time and effort. 

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4. You Can Use it Anytime

The GPA calculator is a simple tool you can use anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to wait until the end of the semester to calculate your result because of the stress of doing it manually. Unlike the manual method, you can use the GPA calculator anywhere. You don’t have to wait till you get home or hide from your roommates, so they don’t see what you’re calculating on paper. Once you download the app on your smartphone, you can use it anywhere, and no one will know what you’re doing. 

5. It Stores Your Data

With the Effiko GPA calculator, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your grades. You won’t have to visit your academic advisor regularly to crosscheck your result. The app is so good that it stores your information and results for future reference. So you can view your records anytime. 

6. It Identifies Grading Errors

The GPA calculator will help you know your correct grade point average and easily identify errors in your result. If there is a problem with your grades, you can resolve the issue immediately. You can take measures to correct the mistake in your result and improve your academic performance.

7. It Helps You Know Your Academic Standing

This is the most important advantage of using the GPA calculator. As a student, knowing exactly where you stand in your academics as you move through the semesters is important. Sometimes, you think you’re doing well until you see an actual compilation of your grades. 

The Effiko GPA calculator has a progress chart that helps you track your academic performance. With this, you can tell if your performance is high, low, or average. You can also use it to determine your final grade. 

If you notice any slack in your grades, you can take measures to boost your performance before your final year. At least you will know your GPA before it’s too late to make a change. Isn’t that good? 


If you need a good GPA calculator, we recommend using the Effiko GPA calculator. With this calculator, you can calculate your GPA from your first to final year without making mistakes. It is fast, accurate, and easy to navigate. The best is that it is FREE! Stop struggling to calculate your GPA manually. Click here to download the app now!

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